Top Reasons to Get a Movable Cubicle

Mobile offices are now the latest trend for home and business owners as they mean efficiency and productivity, but many people are still hesitant to make the switch from a traditional space to a mobile work space simply because they are not used to them so we would like to give you the benefits of having a movable cubicle.
Advantages of a Movable Cubicle

If you are interested in shifting from the normal building to a spacious new place, here are some of the gains:

• Durability

Mobile compartments are made of mostly out of metal materials that are studier in comparison to wood and cement. Despite the presence of lightweight materials, these can generally withstand harsher climates. Make sure to order from a reliable supplier like so you get high grade options.

• MobilMovable Cubicleity

There is no need to worry about your real estate or searching for a new place to rent. By getting a movable cubicle, you can easily move from one location to another without the hassle of packing and boxing your things. It’s also cheaper than an old-fashioned moving service because all you need to do is to secure your things and transport your entire booth.

• Flexibility

You can have a number of uses with a single movable cubicle.  You can use it initially as a storage facility and later on, modify it to be a portable office. During retirement, you can always have it altered so it can be your home. Due to its strong nature, people don’t have to worry about weakening the structure or the risk of falling debris.

• Affordability

By getting your personal mobile compartment, you don’t have to worry about the monthly rental or mortgage unless your location requires taxes or regular fees. Renting a unit or purchasing one is still low-cost compared to the expenses of constructing a new house or rebuilding an old one.

A business person can save tons on transport cost because he can easily uproot his offices or branches. It is important to get a self-sustaining cubicle so that you have less to be concerned about. Find a supplier who can do installation, customization and maintenance altogether. Check our services at

• Safety

Mobile cubicles have industrial security features to ensure the good condition of their content. They have thick steel doors and locks capable of resisting common burglary equipment so you can store your items freely. You can also install additional alarms or bolts if you feel the need to do so. It is easier to modify the booth due to its spacious vicinity.

• Anti-Calamity

MoveablecontainerPortable containers were built to withstand forces of nature to secure the items within; hence, they are mostly wind and waterproof so there are less concerns about a storm flooding your documents. They are heavy and are barely toppled by hurricanes although you can always pin them to the ground during these emergencies. Dense metal doors can keep dust, insects and pests from entering the vicinity as long as they are properly closed. Don’t be afraid of lightning because despite their metal composition, storage containers rarely attract lightning bolts.

• Reparability

It’s not difficult to mend and maintain a mobile facility as it has less variety in terms of materials. Most of its construction is steel so you can just focus on avoiding things that can corrode or damage your metals. Metal work restoration can simply be soldering, painting, welding or rust removal that are cheap and can be done by your local handy man or by yourself if you are confident enough with your ability. Mobile booths have a shelf life of 5-10 years depending on the use and external factors.

• Expandability

Container vans can be put together to add more space so you can just purchase a blank one and have it welded to the original structure or you can just put them side by side and cut a hole through one. You can do your own decoration and furnishing on the extension since you have a clean slate. You can opt to pay extra to have it specified by the same supplier or you can play with its features.

We, at, offer prime customization services where options are website accessible. Just remember that each mobile storage is unique so be sure to get a similar material to the original unit you have so you can save on unnecessary maintenance or preservation. Lastly, be sure to get a warranty for the second unit as well.

What Are the SEO Consulting Services Provided By Chronistsempelis?

There are a handful of proven benefits that search engine optimization provides online businesses. With that being said, we need to understand how to implement the best practices in order to achieve ranking as well as visibility on the web. So before we dig deeper into the details, we need to learn first the value of white hat SEO and the danger of using black hat SEO. Just like any other marketing strategies used today, search engine optimization requires skills and knowledge to come up with the right solutions. So feel free to know the SEO consulting services provided by Chronistsempelis to successfully expand your business within the online marketplace.

Since more and more people are going online to find the perfect solutions for their daily needs, your website needs to provide the best user experience and the most informative content. In fact, the most frequently used search engines today include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And on that note, your website should be friendly and pleasing for these major search engines. One tip is keyword research. This will help you ensure that your content appears on first page results of web visitors. It only means that you have to include most commonly used keywords so that users will easily find you online. Also, make sure to avoid keyword stuffing because this is part of the black hat SEO that we’ve mentioned on the first paragraph.

Essential Pointers to Understand in SEO

seo consultantOn the other hand, white hat SEO is obviously the right method of using search engine optimization. Unlike black hat where prohibited tactics are used, white hat or ethical SEO practice is all you need to rank on Google while you avoid getting penalized due to scam content. Whether your business is to provide healthcare services or construction work, the top SEO consulting services provided by Chronistsempelis are available to give you the ultimate marketing campaigns that will bring your brand in front of an international audience. Our consultants will work on your website to incorporate the right SEO techniques for a more successful online marketing approach.

Obviously, once your web content appears on the top page of search engine results, you will get impressions from users. SEO experts will determine what kind of product or service you currently offer on the web in order to get the ideal promotional campaign. Also, it will be essential to take a closer look at your website’s backend performance. Keyword research as well as on-site SEO implementation will be performed such as link building so that visitors will be led to the main webpage you want them to see. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to contact us and know the SEO consulting services provided by Chronistsempelis for a more winning business website.

To help you determine if we are indeed the right company for you, here are some of the important questions you can ask for a more informed decision:

Can I have the list of your previous and current clients?

A highly regarded SEO consulting service provider should be able to provide a list which states their clients in the past and present time. This will help you in gauging the reliability of the company while ensuring that you are planning to work with a trustworthy partner when it comes to search engine optimization.

How can you improve the current ranking of my website?

A good SEO consultant will provide you with a straightforward answer in terms of how and when can the goals be achieved. On your part, it will help you in getting the exact results you want while you save time and effort in implementing other marketing campaigns online.

Do you stick on the webmaster guidelines of search engines?

If you really want to know if you’re working with the right one, ask them this question in order to guarantee efficient solutions. Of course, it’s never practical to violate any rules on the web especially that your brand needs credibility so that customers will depend on you. Just infringe any rule, expect your website ranking at the very bottom of search engines.

How can you assure that my site will attain higher ranking on Yahoo, Bing, and Google?

rankingWe cannot really guarantee how fast we can achieve ranking but rest assured that your site will be recognized by Google and other major search engines worldwide. The thing here is that there’s no magic formula to secure your spot on the top page. Every online business knows this struggle but SEO consultants are helpful when it comes to offering the best solutions for this matter.

If you have questions and other related concerns, don’t hesitate to call us today and we will give you free quotes regarding all the SEO consulting services provided by Chronistsempelis.

Uses Of Custom Patches In Different Organizations

Custom patches are fun, creative, and very useful. You can use them to cover holes and stains. You can use them to express yourself or to express a specific principle and belief. But, patches have different uses, too.

Here are the different uses of custom patches in different organizations and industries:

1.The Academe

Schools use patches as identification. They usually place the school logo on the patches and sew them on school uniforms. These patches also create a strong sense of school pride amongst the students. It makes them proud to be part of the school or university. It serves as a badge of honor.Visit here for more details.

A lot of students also use these patches to signify school club membership. For example, members of the Glee Club usually place a patch on their uniforms. Members of sports clubs also place patches on their jerseys.

A number of school administrators also give away special patches to top academic performers as a reward.


PatchesCustom patches are used by city league or junior league teams. Wearing an embroidered custom patch containing the logo of the team that you are supporting is a great way to show your team spirit. Patches are also used to commemorate big sporting events in different types of sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, football, and volleyball.

3.Motorcycle Clubs

The use of embroidered patches was popularized by motorcycle and riding clubs. These patches contain unique symbols that represent different riding clubs. These patches bond the members together. Motorcycle club patches are collectibles and a lot of people would be willing to pay a lot of money for them.

The following biker clubs give away embroidered patches to their members:

•Freewheelers EVS

•Mongols Motorcycle Club

•Madras Bulls

•Motor Maids

•Ulysses Club

•Satyrs Motorcycle Club

•Night Wolves

•San Francisco Motorcycle Club

•Iron Horsemen

•Free Souls

•Lone Legion


•Solo Angeles

•Holy Riders

•Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance

•Patriot Guard Riders

•Women in the Wind MC

Motorcycle clubs usually distribute unique patches during biking and charity events.

4.Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts

Masters usually give special embroidered patches to the high performing girl scouts and boy scouts. These patches symbolize achievements. Girl scouts and boy scouts also trade these patches with other scouts as a sign of friendship and camaraderie.
Some girl scouts and boy scouts also use these embroidered patches to express their individuality.

They can incorporate cartoon characters, activity logos, flowers, and other designs. Cub scouts are also given pebble patches. These patches signify their participation in various scouting activities such as crate climbing, cycling, camping, grass sledging, ice climbing, jet skiing, narrow boating, off-road biking, power boating, judo classes, water skiing, diving, surfing, caving, horse riding, and many other activities.

5.Law Enforcement

You can usually see embroidered patches on the uniforms of police and security officers. These patches demonstrate honor and authority. It also signifies their rank.


Patches are usually sewn into the uniforms of soldiers and military men. These patches display the officers’ rank and level of authority. These patches also represent their missions and assignment. Patches create a strong sense of spirit and pride among military men.

7.Civic Organizations

Custom patches are used by civic organizations to promote their charitable causes. Organizations who raise money for breast cancer victims usually give away patches to their supporters and patrons during breast awareness month.


Various politicians use patches to win voters. They give away these patches to their supporters during political rallies. Patches are also used to advance a political cause such as pushing for bigger education budget or saving the environment.

9.Corporations and Business

Some Corporations and business place embroidered patches on their employees’ uniform. Some businesses use embroidered patches as a reward to their high performing employees. They give a “top sales agent of the month” to their top salesperson. They also give special patches to tenured employees. For example, some businesses give “10 years of service” patches to those who have served the company for more than 10 years.


Patches are often used as a fashion statement. It is usually placed on shirts, backpacks, and jeans to enhance the garments’ design and appeal.

11.Private Events

Patches are also used by event planners as a giveaway or party favor. Patches are great giveaways for seminars, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Custom patches are cool, exciting, and affordable. These patches are also flexible and useful. You can sew them on your shirt, bags, or that old pair of jeans that you can’t seem to let go of.

The Real Value of Custom Coins

Custom coins are popularly used in the field of law enforcement and the military. These items are also commonly referred to as challenge coins. They are used to represent the pride and dedication of the carrier. It was around the First World War when the first challenge coins were used. The U.S. Army Air Force who were originally from Ivy League Schools were so brave and adventurous that they gave their service to the military and flew fighter planes.

The use of challenge coins is believed to have been started by a wealthy pilot. He had gold plated bronze coins, which are stamped with the logo of the squadron. He used these coins as a gift to other pilots in the same squadron in which he belongs.

Custom coinsThe history of those simple yet meaningful items started with a gift idea. Today, these items have been sweeping the entire world as they show up in all lifestyles. They serve as the symbol of commitment and pride of different law enforcement bodies and other organizations. Custom coins are now becoming more and more popular not only in the military but also in the police force, the firefighters’ association, government agencies and in other companies, which are affiliated with the military.

Challenge coins come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. You can find coins with the size of one inch to two inches. These coins are typically made of bronze, silver or gold. You can also have them in a plain design or with fancy colors. The edges of these coins can also be plain, serrated or even scalloped.

While most people do not easily understand it, these challenge coins hold a great deal of pride. However, the people who receive and carry these coins completely understand and treasure the significance of these items. This is particularly true with the people who serve together in the same unit. These challenge coins symbolize goodwill, pride, and commitment to service.

The law enforcement custom coins are used by different agencies, which include the police force, the sheriff’s department, special tactics units or SWAT teams. This type of coins is designed with a specific insignia that represent the certain branch of law enforcement. These coins typically have intricate elements that signify their meaning to the people in law enforcement. Some coins are also made to honor the retiring veterans of law enforcement agencies. In addition, coins are also used as an effective motivational and promotional tool in law enforcement and the military.

Custom coins are also used for raising funds particularly for the families of fallen comrades.

A coin with an exclusive design and logo can be sold to help officers who lost their lives while in the battlefield. The proceeds of the sales will be handed to the family of the officers. This is a great way to express compassion most especially if the family has needs that the insurance cannot cover. For instance, the whole police department will feel the loss of an officer who is struck down while in duty. In this essence, challenge coins can mean different things such as bravery, unity, pride and honor. These coins represent the dangerous nature of the work of these law enforcement officers and military personnel.

Custom coins are tangible and valuable items that hold a great deal of significance for the owner. More than the sense of belonging these coins provide, they symbolize tremendous things such as knowledge, patriotism, honor and genuine service. They also symbolize the challenges and dangers that the people in service go through while performing their duties. Apart from monetary value, these coins are highly valuable in terms of pride and honor.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins of all kinds.

Budget Tips and Tricks for the Regular Golfer: Golf Equipment

Golf is not called a rich man’s game for nothing. Most of the golf equipment of this game would entail cashing out a fairly large amount of cash. For the players who enjoy playing but are not willing to splurge, here are a few tips on choosing golf equipment that could help save a few dollars.

1. Save money with golf balls.

golf equipmentOne of the first things that a beginner should know is that he would, in his span of learning and playing golf, lose quite a number of golf balls. While golf balls are not as expensive as other golf equipment, the average cumulative value of all the lost balls of a regular player is enough to purchase an entire set of golf attire. There are, however, golf balls made just for those who tend to lose balls easily but are not willing to lose as much cash.

There are golf balls called recycled balls that are sold at a large discount. These are usually lost balls by players that are found by ground keepers and sold to a recycling firm. The firm cleans the balls, removes the abrasions and stains and grades them according to the degree of quality. The graded ball are later sold at a significantly low price.

There are also budget balls called Mark outs or X-outs. These are balls that fail to pass the quality standards of a manufacturing firm but are still sold at bulk to the players. However, the balls will not be sold under the company’s name and are priced at such a great discount.

2. Decide on a traveling preference.

How a golf player travels greatly affects the kind of golf bag he should purchase. Golf bags are important, as these would be the storage of the player’s golf equipment. For those who enjoy walking in the course while playing, the best kind of bags would be the modern golf bags. These are lightweight golf bags that are made to be carried in the course. Moreover, one saves a few more dollars by walking rather than renting out a golf cart.

However, when one does not or cannot carry golf bags, either because of personal or health reasons, but he also prefers to walk and not rent out a golf cart, then he should just buy, or rent, a hand cart. These are carts especially designed to carry the golf bags.

To properly take care of a golf bag, one should make sure that the bag is placed in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. The nylon in the bag could get weak and brittle if exposed to too much sunlight, causing the bag to break faster.

3. Get fitted.

The best golf clubs are those that are matched to their owners. Rather than just buy a set of clubs and then try which would best work or would feel the most comfortable, it would be better to go to a golf equipment store and ask to be fitted. Fitting entails finding clubs that match the player’s weight and height.

However, golf club fitting should only be done when one is really invested in playing golf. Golf clubs are likely the most expensive equipment that player would buy so if he is not as driven in playing golf, it would be better to stick to the standard golf clubs and stay away from the professional ones.

4. Invest in a nice attire.

Golf courses require a certain dress code for players. Different courses have their own minimum required golf attire. One does not need to purchase a completely new wardrobe just to play golf. A white clean collared polo shirt and slacks are enough in fact, this set of attire is the universally acknowledged golf attire.

golf Ultimate collection of the golf equipment for golf beginner with full of guidance only at Rockbottomgolf.

Why Multiple Listing Works

In the world of real estate if you want to sell your property quickly and for a good price you must be able to reach out to many potential buyers. You must have a network of thousands of people in different areas of the United States in order to get as many people as you can to view your house. Gone were the days when you need only to put a “for sale” sign in front of your lawn and hordes of people will flock to your house just to have a look. The best way to let people know you are selling your property is by using a service called multiple listing Long Island.

Multiple listing Long Island is a service that allows other real estate brokers and agents to view your property.

This means more people get to see your house and more people will work for you to sell your house as well. Imagine a private database where all the properties are listed and a group of real estate brokers from all over the state has access to this listing. They can connect you to more potential buyers than if you just put up a listing with a single real estate broker.

real estateAs a seller, multiple listing Long Island works to your advantage. It lets you reach out to more potential buyers than if you just listed with only one real estate broker. The clients of the partner real estate companies who go to their website can see your home no matter where they are in the world. Multiple listing Long Island helps you find a potential buyer from any state, at any time, and at any day. So long as your property is still listed and the criteria that the client is looking for has been met, the chances of getting a potential buyer to consider your property are endless.

As a seller you also get to sell your property faster. With more people working to find you a buyer for your property, it can be sold faster than listing it with one real estate broker only. If the wide network of real estate brokers have clients on the other side of the globe, your property can be working for you even as you sleep.

You also get different price or offers for your property depending on where the buyer is from. Some buyers in other areas of the state or the world can offer more money for your property depending on their capacity. Some real estate brokers have clients that are extremely rich but would not divulge how rich they are so they make deals using brokers. You will otherwise not have access to these potential buyers if you just stick to one real estate broker listing.

As a buyer, multiple listing also gives you more choices than ever. More listings means more choices and more properties that you never knew existed. You might never have considered a property on Long Island but after your broker had shown you a certain wonderful property from their multiple listings page, you might have to reconsider. You might find advantages and amenities in certain properties in Long Island that you might never find in other properties. Multiple listing opens up your doors to a wider array of properties that you never dreamed of looking at.

As a real estate broker, multiple listing makes your job easier. You get to match potential buyers easily with more properties as long as the criteria that they are looking for are met. Some multiple listing sites even offer computing for real estate taxes, mortgages and utilities on a particular property so that you won’t have to compute for them yourself. This saves you time and effort and enables you to do more things.

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Multiple listing long island helps you find a potential buyer from any state, at any time, and at any day.One of the most common details that the clients may look for in a multiple listing long island property is the current location of the structure

Types of Clips Used in Logo Lanyards

Companies ordering logo lanyards normally focus on what the providers can offer when it comes to colors and designs.  You should also know the right types of clips for your lanyards to get the best option from the supplier.

There are several types of clips available along with the lanyards like the following:

Key Rings

This type of ring is also called the split ring because of its look. The key ring clip is used mainly for key chains, but there are some logo lanyards makers that include it as a free standard option with their ID holders.

This type of clip is most of the time free and is recommended for hard surfaces items like IDs or keys with eyelet-lined holes. The manner of placing IDs on key rings may easily damage the area around the punched hole.

Standard Hooks

Logo LanyardsAlso known as J-hooks, these have longer clips and two main parts. This clip has a J shaped hook. It also has a shorter straight arm that lies underneath the hook. To position the ID press the shorter part, this will open an area between it and the J-hook part. Place the hook’s end in the ID’s hole and then release the shorter arm to keep it in place. Standard hooks are most of the time included as standard options and ID’s with grummet-lined holes can use this kind of hook.


As the name suggests, these clip have a D shape and are used for lanyards and key chains. This type of clip is longer and has thicker construction. It has a small lever-like attachment found at the side which serves as a locking mechanism. If you press this lever, it will open a small area by lowering the attached short clip arm. Position the ID’s hole in this area and release the lever to close the space and secure the keys and IDs in logo lanyards.

Bulldog Clips

These are popularly known as alligator clips. They function similarly to regular clips used in fastening clothes and paper. To open the clip jaw, squeeze the parted clip part. On the ID slot, place the parted clip jaw and release to fasten the ID with the lanyard.

Vinyl Clips

This clip is a combination of vinyl straps and bulldog clips for securing IDs. The flat, short vinyl strap goes into the ID’s horizontal slot and keep it secured by the plastic or metallic button. The ID will be fastened on clothes by the bulldog clip part.

This type of clips follows a general design. But there are some manufacturers that enhance the design by attaching the straps directly to logo lanyards to make them look different from the others.

Lobster Claws

This type of clip is also known as the D-locks and oval locks. It was named lobster because it looks like the claws of the lobster. Its overall look is similar to the combination of d-clip and standard hook, but varies in overall length, fastening mechanism and shape. Jewelries such as necklaces and bracelets also have this type of clip for fastening but the clip is smaller in shape.

Clip and Badge Holder Combination

This type of clip combination is a perfect choice for because of its dual function. The first function is to secure the ID in place while the badge holder secure the ID card. Attached to the badge holder is the vinyl strap. The logo lanyards have several clip options that make each ID holder very unique. Clips are also available as free standard options or with additional fees depending on the design and function. Although clips are included with the lanyard, you can still purchase the clips separately if you want. You can purchase it online or in office supply stores to check out the different features that fit your specific needs.

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Wholesalelanyards is your one-stop lanyard solution shop! If you need Id lanyards, badge lanyards, key ring lanyards, cell phone lanyards or any other style, we can provide it.

Changing the Marketing Way of Burial Services from Traditional to Digital

Digital innovations greatly affect this modern world. Starting from what people eat, wear, use and even live, technology changed all these. As long as an individual exists, he or she is constantly influenced by all these changes. Even if he’s gone, advancements in technology will still continue to happen and he will be sent back to where he came from – ashes. Upon leaving the world of the living, can he still feel the last attempt of technology to modify his final resting place?

Over the last decade, funeral industries slowly embraced the digital revolution. When US Funerals Online was first launched, only few funeral homes have a website than those who didn’t.

Back then, these industries are still settling for the traditional method of marketing as the only way to avail their services. Even with the advent of internet, people would not take advantage of it to search for these industries online.

Fast forwarding to present, most funeral homes have already set up their own visually engaging websites. With additional ads, listings and social networking campaigns, these industries were able to cope with the changes brought about by technology.

Being on the digital age, necrological services also lived up to technology’s expectations.

FuneralBy setting up virtual web casting and online streaming of necrological services, funeral homes definitely reach out to families beyond boundaries. Those who are far from the deceased member will no longer have to travel in order to attend the wake. This is just one of the significant contributions that technology has brought to this industry now that most people involve themselves actively online.

How this live streaming of necrological services works? It is technically setting up video equipment to capture the actual necrological service, which is linked to a computer and software capable of live streaming the video.

A password usually protect webcasts so that only the family members and friends of the deceased individual can access the streaming. The webcast will remain online for 30 days in order for those who could not attend the actual wake to revisit the ceremony.

In line with this offer, arranging funerals and crematory services can also be done online without having the need to visit the funeral home personally. Now that’s what they call convenience! A lot of companies in this industry are already following this kind of trend. Some companies also include the pre-planning stage with the use of on online portal.

Do you plan to inform loved ones about the death of a family member? Why settle for publishing it on newspaper obituaries when you can do it via online memorials? This service can be part of the whole package or can be purchased separately online from companies like Legacy and Tributes. Not to mention, one can also use the power of social media through creating Facebook pages.

For centuries, cemetery markers have not really changed a bit, except for various font styles and designs. Not until now, where quick response chips can be impregnated into the grave markers and can be accessed via smartphone, a simple tombstone could turn into a living interactive headstone.

These are some of the examples of how technology reshapes the landscape of necrological services. While people might be slowly going away from the culture of being traditional, revolutionizing death services can definitely make the living ones closer to their departed loved ones.

While thinking about end-of-life decisions seems to be challenging, preparing for it as early as now brings an individual into much comfortable resting place. Taking the very first step is more important because it focuses more on legacy rather than loss.

The Different Methods of PCB Fabrication

Preparing a PCB for mounting is one of the most important processes of making an electronic device. Without it, you will not be able to do anything with the board. There are four different methods on PCB fabrication. This includes etching, direct plating, copper removal, and send out. Each one of them has an elaborate process to follow so it is best to have a brief knowledge about these methods, especially if you are planning to make an electronic project.

1. Etching

This method is the simplest one. It is also the lowest costing method because it only requires several materials in order to effectively make a PCB. In this method, a certain chemical is used to erode unneeded conductor surface, usually cooper. Removing the unneeded copper surface is important because it prevent circuit problems. The most common problem in electronics is short-circuiting devices, and it stops the device from functioning.

PCB Fabrication In this method of PCB fabrication, you mask the portions of the copper surface that you want to remain. You can do this by using different chemical resistant materials to draw the design of the schematic diagram.

For the chemicals, you can use either ferric Chloride or Ammonium Persulphate.

Ferric Chloride is one of the most effective chemicals. It is also the strongest chemical to use. However, you should be careful while using this. You need to be in an environment in which your prized metal possessions are out of reach because it eats any metals. It is also messy as it stains surfaces and clothes. The most ideal type of Ferric Chloride is the hexahydrate. It can be bought in the form of granules. The way to use it is to dissolve the granules in warm water.

Ammonium Persulphate is another chemical specifically used for corroding copper surfaces. This way, your other metal items would not be eaten by the chemical. It is the most efficient and advisable material to use in etching because it does not stain, it rises quickly, and etches rapidly. However, once this solution has been mixed, it needs to be used within 3 weeks. You should be also careful of materials made of cotton, wool, linen, and other natural fibers because it can destroy those.

2. Direct Plating

This method is used in big manufacturing sites. It needs the use of heavy-duty machines. Because of this, it is more ideal in factories due to the price.

3. Copper Removal

This is another method of PCB fabrication that is very expensive. A cutter plotter and PCB layout software is utilized in order to directly imprint the needed copper connections on the board. This technique is very slow and is commonly used in making prototypes of newly designed gadgets.

4. Send Out

This method is the fastest. This way, you design a schematic diagram on a digital device. The data is then sent out to a PCB fabrication company. However, you need to make sure that the data include all necessary information such as the layout, drawings, and specifications. You must also know the requirements that the chosen company (or Board House) imposes.

This method is hassle free on the part of the sender. It is the most ideal for mass production as the manufacturers handle the fabrication in a fast and easy way. However, if you want to order several pieces, it is not the advised method because it will cost you more. A minimum quantity should be reached before you could place an order.

Despite it being expensive, the send out method results to high quality, professional PCBs that you can develop into a more elaborate device.

7 Things Every Keynote Speaker Should Know

Here are seven things every keynote speaker should know:

1.First impression lasts

Your first invitation as a keynote speaker will decide the impression you will leave to your audience. Of course, the reception from the audience will also determine if you are worth a second invitation or not. The first time is nerve-racking, but it is the most crucial starting point of your career. Keep your focus and take the stage like it is your last speaking engagement. Your motivation will tell you how far you can get in the public speaking arena.

2.The audience has short attention span

Write and deliver your speech like you are trying to sell a product over the phone. You only have an opening of a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention and interest, so make sure that you take the opportunity before their ears close completely. A boring start rarely takes off high in the end because once a “listener” yawns or talks to somebody else, it will be really hard to get his attention back no matter how interesting your topic is. Start with enthusiasm and be personal.

3.You are an extension of the organizers/sponsors

What you say should reflect the principles of the organizers. If the organizer is a non-profit organization with a certain advocacy, your speech should not go against that advocacy and instead, help promote it. As different topics will also be assigned to different speakers, your content should be on the same page as the others. If you disagree with their principles, do not accept the invitation. Otherwise, that is called hypocrisy.

4.The clock is ticking

Motivational SpeakerYou do not have the whole day, so stick with the schedule. Some speakers bask in the attention too much that they feel like they can talk no matter how long they want. However, a five-minute extension of your speech can already cost the organizers thousands of dollars for the venue and personnel. Return the favor and be sensitive. They invited you to the event, so be nice.

5.You are an authority

Maybe you are really not, but as the keynote speaker, you have to give that impression. The organizers are trying to establish an image by hiring you, so you have to stick with the role and deliver a well-researched speech. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not considered the most credible politician, but everybody listens when he talks because he talks with conviction (maybe it is the inner action star in him). Likewise, Sarah Palin is considered by many as a nuisance candidate despite being one of the most powerful women in America. Surprisingly, she is now one of the most in-demand speakers in the country.

6.Not everyone agrees with you

You cannot make everybody agree with you no matter how credible and experienced you are simply because everyone has his own opinion. Your speech aims to share your take on a certain issue backed by justifications and arguments. It does not aim to convince everybody in the event to adopt your own beliefs and throw theirs just because you are an expert. Do not be disheartened if you see people shaking their heads. The important thing is that you leave something for them to think about when they go home.

7.The event is not about you

As the keynote speaker, you are considered the most important speaker of the event. Yours is the most awaited part, but do not ever think that the event is all about you or has been organized for you. While a motivational speaker normally holds his own event, a keynote speaker is merely invited. At the end of the day, you should still remember rule number three – you are the extension of the organizers.

Excellent speaker selection is one of the most important elements in a successful meeting.

5 Things You Need to Know About Custom Lanyards

Don’t guess if you are not sure about what to choose. Ordering custom lanyard in bulk can be a daunting task as one wrong choice can affect an entire business organization. To help you decide, there are five important things that you need know.

1. Custom lanyards are perfect for marketing campaigns

In events, you cannot force attendees to look at your posters and read your leaflets. However, you can offer them something they can use and keep as a souvenir. Lanyard is the perfect solution. In fact, you can force them to wear it if the event requires them to wear their IDs.

Lanyard is perfect for brand promotion because it is not easily ignored when worn. It can also show all the important information that people need to know about a company: the business name and the logo.

Custom lanyardsGive it away as a souvenir at an event or a gift to your customers. You can also force your employees to wear it all the time. Industrial psychologists believe that employees who are exposed to their company’s brand, logo, and tagline are more inclined to develop loyalty.

2. Real custom lanyards should always meet a customer’s requirements

Good custom lanyard manufacturers do not stock finished products. All customers must be able to demand their specifications, like material, length, width, color, accessories, attachments, thickness, and of course, design. Accessories are usually customizable as well, so you can also put prints on badge reels, ID holders, and pins. Buckles and clips are usually as is.

There are also manufacturers that let their customers choose the type of printing process to be used, but this is non-negotiable under normal circumstances. If ever the manufacturer offers choices, they are likely to be dye sublimation, silk screen printing, and digital printing (more expensive).

3. Eco-friendly materials are not always recommended for custom lanyards

Bamboo and recycled plastic are eco-friendly materials that manufacturers now use for their products.

It’s actually cool to wear a custom lanyard made of bamboo, but despite the advocacy behind it, its use is not really that practical. It easily breaks over time.

Recycled plastic is durable and will surely outlast fabrics. However, it is not comfortable to wear and the print might not last as long as the material does.

When it comes to comfort, cotton really wins it all. Employees will love to wear it and it is also easy to print on. However, like bamboo, this material does not last against wearing.

If you want to stick with standard materials, you have a choice of polyester fabric, woven fabric, fabric cord, tubular fabric, and nylon cords.

4. Adding breakaway to your order of custom lanyards is most recommended

This is not to say that you have to spend a little more for convenience, but adding a breakaway is definitely useful so that the lanyard can fit employees of all sizes.

A breakaway is anything that allows adjustments on the lanyard. It normally comes in the form of multi-level buckle that you can snap according to the length that you prefer. Round plastic breakaway is also easy to use as it only needs to be slid to adjust the length desired. Another option is a flat plastic breakaway that you can also slide to make adjustments.

There are manufacturers that use velcro breakaways, but it’s not the standard choice.

5. Double-ended custom lanyards can be requested

Most lanyards are single-ended. Many people might even say that a double-ended lanyard looks weird. However, companies can order it if they want to see their employees’ IDs and access cards all the time as it prevents attachments from spinning.

This is also a good choice for events where the organizers and moderators need to see their attendees’ numbers or tags all the time. This is recommended for events where there is high security risk.

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The Lanyard Factory produce only the highest quality, professional-looking Custom lanyards for companies. Our customized lanyards are high quality and priced right! we create some truly unique and great looking lanyards for our clients.

How to Spot the Best Deals in Dubai Hotel Apartments

If you are looking for a place to stay in Dubai for a few days, this is not going to be a hard thing to do.  There are simply so many choices. As a modern city, Dubai has a wide range of hotels and other temporary living accommodations located throughout the city.  It depends on you to specify exactly what amenities you want in your hotel apartment.

You may be interested first in knowing that Dubai, like most cities, has a geographical and cultural divide that arose from its being a trading town in the days of old, before oil was discovered in the emirates. Commerce used to be concentrated along the banks of the Dubai Creek that connects to the sea, and that’s where the town grew from. Once the emirate became rich because of oil, ambitious developments created newer patches of commercial and residential areas along the Sheikh Zayed Road, and the place keeps growing day by day.

North of the creekIt’s not that difficult to see this divide when you get to Dubai. North of the creek is mostly old Dubai, and south of that is new development. That gives you an idea as to where you’d like to stay closer to and what things to consider.

The good thing about Dubai hotel apartments is that they’re almost clustered together in specific areas of the city. If you want to stay close to the commercial hub not too far away from the international airport, there are lots of places there to choose from. And if you’re looking to experience being close to where the rich and famous spend their time when in Dubai – like when the Kardashian sisters are visiting – there’s that place close to the Palm Island where you too can find the right accommodation. Well, not as expensive as those places where celebrities stay.

Western-style accommodations can be found in any of the Dubai hotel apartments in any part of the city. They have English-speaking staff, they have good 24-hour room service, and you can always stop by the front desk and ask for some special favors, like getting tips on going around in the city and which places to visit, daytime or night time.

Cable TV is a standard provision, and you can choose from a wide range of programs – English, Arabic, Indian and other languages. Just check with the reservation clerk or send an inquiry by email if you want to be sure about what you want to be able to watch when you get there. Most of the rooms in these hotel apartments will have internet access. You may just have to inquire whether it’s free or paid before you choose your place.

Western-style accommodationsBudget-wise, the best places to look for Dubai hotel apartments would that area near the old town, north of the creek, the place that local residents call Old Deira. Ask around and you’ll find accommodations close by, so that when you have free time you can do a walking tour of the area where the merchants of old traded. Dubai’s chaotic souqs would be in this particular part of the city. The Dubai Municipal Museum, which used to be the town’s municipal building, would be accessible from there. If you’re looking for historical sites, this is the place to be. And it’s not too far from the Dubai International Airport.

Just don’t forget that the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – is in that part of Dubai where the hotels are a lot more expensive. It may be close to Old Dubai, but it has undergone extensive commercial development during the last ten years that Dubai hotel apartments would not be the cheaper ones there. You might have to avoid getting your accommodations there. Anyway, you can always take a cab from anywhere in the city to that location in downtown Dubai.