7 Things Every Keynote Speaker Should Know

Here are seven things every keynote speaker should know:

1.First impression lasts

Your first invitation as a keynote speaker will decide the impression you will leave to your audience. Of course, the reception from the audience will also determine if you are worth a second invitation or not. The first time is nerve-racking, but it is the most crucial starting point of your career. Keep your focus and take the stage like it is your last speaking engagement. Your motivation will tell you how far you can get in the public speaking arena.

2.The audience has short attention span

Write and deliver your speech like you are trying to sell a product over the phone. You only have an opening of a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention and interest, so make sure that you take the opportunity before their ears close completely. A boring start rarely takes off high in the end because once a “listener” yawns or talks to somebody else, it will be really hard to get his attention back no matter how interesting your topic is. Start with enthusiasm and be personal.

3.You are an extension of the organizers/sponsors

What you say should reflect the principles of the organizers. If the organizer is a non-profit organization with a certain advocacy, your speech should not go against that advocacy and instead, help promote it. As different topics will also be assigned to different speakers, your content should be on the same page as the others. If you disagree with their principles, do not accept the invitation. Otherwise, that is called hypocrisy.

4.The clock is ticking

Motivational SpeakerYou do not have the whole day, so stick with the schedule. Some speakers bask in the attention too much that they feel like they can talk no matter how long they want. However, a five-minute extension of your speech can already cost the organizers thousands of dollars for the venue and personnel. Return the favor and be sensitive. They invited you to the event, so be nice.

5.You are an authority

Maybe you are really not, but as the keynote speaker, you have to give that impression. The organizers are trying to establish an image by hiring you, so you have to stick with the role and deliver a well-researched speech. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not considered the most credible politician, but everybody listens when he talks because he talks with conviction (maybe it is the inner action star in him). Likewise, Sarah Palin is considered by many as a nuisance candidate despite being one of the most powerful women in America. Surprisingly, she is now one of the most in-demand speakers in the country.

6.Not everyone agrees with you

You cannot make everybody agree with you no matter how credible and experienced you are simply because everyone has his own opinion. Your speech aims to share your take on a certain issue backed by justifications and arguments. It does not aim to convince everybody in the event to adopt your own beliefs and throw theirs just because you are an expert. Do not be disheartened if you see people shaking their heads. The important thing is that you leave something for them to think about when they go home.

7.The event is not about you

As the keynote speaker, you are considered the most important speaker of the event. Yours is the most awaited part, but do not ever think that the event is all about you or has been organized for you. While a motivational speaker normally holds his own event, a keynote speaker is merely invited. At the end of the day, you should still remember rule number three – you are the extension of the organizers.

Excellent speaker selection is one of the most important elements in a successful meeting.

5 Things You Need to Know About Custom Lanyards

Don’t guess if you are not sure about what to choose. Ordering custom lanyard in bulk can be a daunting task as one wrong choice can affect an entire business organization. To help you decide, there are five important things that you need know.

1. Custom lanyards are perfect for marketing campaigns

In events, you cannot force attendees to look at your posters and read your leaflets. However, you can offer them something they can use and keep as a souvenir. Lanyard is the perfect solution. In fact, you can force them to wear it if the event requires them to wear their IDs.

Lanyard is perfect for brand promotion because it is not easily ignored when worn. It can also show all the important information that people need to know about a company: the business name and the logo.

Custom lanyardsGive it away as a souvenir at an event or a gift to your customers. You can also force your employees to wear it all the time. Industrial psychologists believe that employees who are exposed to their company’s brand, logo, and tagline are more inclined to develop loyalty.

2. Real custom lanyards should always meet a customer’s requirements

Good custom lanyard manufacturers do not stock finished products. All customers must be able to demand their specifications, like material, length, width, color, accessories, attachments, thickness, and of course, design. Accessories are usually customizable as well, so you can also put prints on badge reels, ID holders, and pins. Buckles and clips are usually as is.

There are also manufacturers that let their customers choose the type of printing process to be used, but this is non-negotiable under normal circumstances. If ever the manufacturer offers choices, they are likely to be dye sublimation, silk screen printing, and digital printing (more expensive).

3. Eco-friendly materials are not always recommended for custom lanyards

Bamboo and recycled plastic are eco-friendly materials that manufacturers now use for their products.

It’s actually cool to wear a custom lanyard made of bamboo, but despite the advocacy behind it, its use is not really that practical. It easily breaks over time.

Recycled plastic is durable and will surely outlast fabrics. However, it is not comfortable to wear and the print might not last as long as the material does.

When it comes to comfort, cotton really wins it all. Employees will love to wear it and it is also easy to print on. However, like bamboo, this material does not last against wearing.

If you want to stick with standard materials, you have a choice of polyester fabric, woven fabric, fabric cord, tubular fabric, and nylon cords.

4. Adding breakaway to your order of custom lanyards is most recommended

This is not to say that you have to spend a little more for convenience, but adding a breakaway is definitely useful so that the lanyard can fit employees of all sizes.

A breakaway is anything that allows adjustments on the lanyard. It normally comes in the form of multi-level buckle that you can snap according to the length that you prefer. Round plastic breakaway is also easy to use as it only needs to be slid to adjust the length desired. Another option is a flat plastic breakaway that you can also slide to make adjustments.

There are manufacturers that use velcro breakaways, but it’s not the standard choice.

5. Double-ended custom lanyards can be requested

Most lanyards are single-ended. Many people might even say that a double-ended lanyard looks weird. However, companies can order it if they want to see their employees’ IDs and access cards all the time as it prevents attachments from spinning.

This is also a good choice for events where the organizers and moderators need to see their attendees’ numbers or tags all the time. This is recommended for events where there is high security risk.

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How to Spot the Best Deals in Dubai Hotel Apartments

If you are looking for a place to stay in Dubai for a few days, this is not going to be a hard thing to do.  There are simply so many choices. As a modern city, Dubai has a wide range of hotels and other temporary living accommodations located throughout the city.  It depends on you to specify exactly what amenities you want in your hotel apartment.

You may be interested first in knowing that Dubai, like most cities, has a geographical and cultural divide that arose from its being a trading town in the days of old, before oil was discovered in the emirates. Commerce used to be concentrated along the banks of the Dubai Creek that connects to the sea, and that’s where the town grew from. Once the emirate became rich because of oil, ambitious developments created newer patches of commercial and residential areas along the Sheikh Zayed Road, and the place keeps growing day by day.

North of the creekIt’s not that difficult to see this divide when you get to Dubai. North of the creek is mostly old Dubai, and south of that is new development. That gives you an idea as to where you’d like to stay closer to and what things to consider.

The good thing about Dubai hotel apartments is that they’re almost clustered together in specific areas of the city. If you want to stay close to the commercial hub not too far away from the international airport, there are lots of places there to choose from. And if you’re looking to experience being close to where the rich and famous spend their time when in Dubai – like when the Kardashian sisters are visiting – there’s that place close to the Palm Island where you too can find the right accommodation. Well, not as expensive as those places where celebrities stay.

Western-style accommodations can be found in any of the Dubai hotel apartments in any part of the city. They have English-speaking staff, they have good 24-hour room service, and you can always stop by the front desk and ask for some special favors, like getting tips on going around in the city and which places to visit, daytime or night time.

Cable TV is a standard provision, and you can choose from a wide range of programs – English, Arabic, Indian and other languages. Just check with the reservation clerk or send an inquiry by email if you want to be sure about what you want to be able to watch when you get there. Most of the rooms in these hotel apartments will have internet access. You may just have to inquire whether it’s free or paid before you choose your place.

Western-style accommodationsBudget-wise, the best places to look for Dubai hotel apartments would that area near the old town, north of the creek, the place that local residents call Old Deira. Ask around and you’ll find accommodations close by, so that when you have free time you can do a walking tour of the area where the merchants of old traded. Dubai’s chaotic souqs would be in this particular part of the city. The Dubai Municipal Museum, which used to be the town’s municipal building, would be accessible from there. If you’re looking for historical sites, this is the place to be. And it’s not too far from the Dubai International Airport.

Just don’t forget that the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – is in that part of Dubai where the hotels are a lot more expensive. It may be close to Old Dubai, but it has undergone extensive commercial development during the last ten years that Dubai hotel apartments would not be the cheaper ones there. You might have to avoid getting your accommodations there. Anyway, you can always take a cab from anywhere in the city to that location in downtown Dubai.